GGRD All-Stars Boot Camp

Learn from the best!

Ever wanted to learn tornado jamming with Bonnie Thunders? How about brace a wall with OMG WTF or Sexy Slaydie? Join these ladies, and others of Gotham's finest, including Roxy Dallas, Vicious van GoGo and ShortStop, in a one day bootcamp spectacular! Each coach will coach YOU on their specialty, so gear up and meet these skaters trackside for a Gotham experience.

The Boot Camp will run Saturday, February 6th from 9am-5pm and will take place at our practice space, the Crashpad.

9pm-10am: Registration
10am-1pm: Morning skating session
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-5pm: Afternoon skating session

Ticket Prices are: 
Skater Pass = $75
Spectator Pass (limited to five) = $30


This GGRD Boot Camp is an intermediate to advanced boot camp. It is designed for area league skaters who play for their league's A or B team, and who have passed their WFTDA Skills Tests. If you are new to derby, are Fresh Meat, or are an unaffiliated skater, we offer Basic Training classes for beginning skaters.

All skaters must provide proof of WFTDA or USARS insurance.

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Questions? Email for more information.

*Session may be cancelled if there is not enough interest*