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New Gotham Roller Girl Matches on TV

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New Gotham Roller Girl Matches on TV

Postby soaringhawke38 » 04.17.11 5:00AM

Hi Ya Mayhem

I'm new to the forum and a long time fan of Roller Derby.. I was wondering if new matches are going to be
posted on Channel 22 ? I have been watching the match ups but I've seen on the ones on the tv and am
looking forward to some new ones. I work nights and can't get away for live matches so I can only get my derby
from TV after work. Could you maybe post some new matches because I really would like to see the Mayhem in
some new ones.

The only hard day was yesterday!
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Re: New Gotham Roller Girl Matches on TV

Postby hambone » 04.17.11 6:43PM

Yes - the season opener (Bronx/Queens) debuts on April 23 and last night's bout (Manhattan/Brooklyn) will likely be debuting three or four weeks later (date TBD). Thanks for watching!
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