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Good game, Mayhem!

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Good game, Mayhem!

Postby hela skelter » 04.17.11 12:12PM

Good god, I haven't been hit that hard so many times in I can't remember. I have bruises on everywhere.

Good game, guys!
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Re: Good game, Mayhem!

Postby Papierschnitt » 04.17.11 12:38PM

Thanks Manhattan! The crowd definitely got their money's worth. Now please stop hitting me.
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Re: Good game, Mayhem!

Postby GalXC » 04.18.11 9:06AM

Thanks for an awesome game Brooklyn!!! Congrats! You guys played a great game!
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Re: Good game, Mayhem!

Postby Miss American Thighs » 04.18.11 9:23AM

Heart you guys. Thanks for the good bumps.
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