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Sweet Sherrie Pie Status?

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Sweet Sherrie Pie Status?

Postby soaringhawke38 » 04.22.11 12:27AM

Hi Mayhem

I have been enjoying Em Dash's jamming on channel 22 .. she is a great jammer and not a bad dancer on the jammer
line too. But how is Sweet Sherrie Pie? I saw her get hurt on the track and haven't seen her jamming since. Fisti Cuffs
has been doing a great job too . But I was just wondering about how Sweet Sherrie Pie was doing, did her knee heal up
is she gonna be sidelined as a jammer ? I haven't gotten to any games because I have to work nights and so I only get my derby on channel 22 so am abit behind on whats going on I'm afraid. If you could give me a update it would be great.


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Re: Sweet Sherrie Pie Status?

Postby Anne Frankenstein » 04.23.11 6:05PM

Pie found herself jamming in our first bout this year (the one that took place about a week ago). I think it will be airing in a few weeks.
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