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we have the best jeerleaders. totally.

Anything and everything about the girls of Manhattan.

we have the best jeerleaders. totally.

Postby Regina DenTata » 09.14.08 9:56PM

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to our lovely jeerleaders for our killer gift bags at the bout on Friday. After a bout, that may have been the best snickers I have ever had in my entire life.

You are all such sweeties.
Thanks ladies,
~ tata
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Regina DenTata
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Postby Audrey Scorne » 09.15.08 12:07PM

We can't help but want to lavish gifts upon such AWESOME skaters! You guys kicked bootie on Friday!
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Audrey Scorne
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Postby Em Dash » 09.15.08 12:20PM

I'd like to second Tata's sentiment. Thank you so much to our kickass squad of ladies in blue! I only caught the tail end of your routine on Friday, but the part I saw was AWESOME.
Em Dash
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Postby Rumbledore » 09.15.08 2:38PM

Yes! I was amazed by the giant Jeerleader lyric scroll at the halftime show. HUGE crowd pleaser. Awesome job, ladies!
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Postby johnny.zebra » 09.15.08 2:59PM

That scroll was really freaking impressive. A "10" on the ooooh!-meter.

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Postby Lady Refstrike » 09.15.08 11:32PM

That scroll was just about the coolest thing I've seen at a halftime show, no lie. I was SO EXCITED about it.
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Lady Refstrike
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Re: we have the best jeerleaders. totally.

Postby MegaHurtz » 09.16.08 8:09AM

Regina DenTata wrote:we have the best jeerleaders. totally.

and the hottest!!

I was ecstatic about my jailbait-orange fan -- that sucker comes in handy in so many places in the city... Thanks for your thoughtfulness, ladies -- and your ever-present cleavage!!! :lol:
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Postby Marlene Speedtrich » 09.16.08 12:39PM

We do have the coolest jeerleaders. Thanks for all of your thoughtfulness this year and your Jailhouse/Mayhem mix ROCKS!
Rock On Ladies

Marlene Speedtrich
Marlene Speedtrich
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Postby Miss American Thighs » 09.19.08 6:26PM

Holy crap - we DO have the best jeerleaders. You guys are amazin'!
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