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The temple of Temple

Postby margaretthrasher » 04.02.09 11:46PM

I just wanted to make a place to talk about how awesome Surly Temple is.

Surly's so awesome that...

there's actually no such thing as daylight savings time, it's just Surly knocking Time on its ass in the autumn, and then giving it a whip in the spring.
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Postby surly temple » 04.03.09 10:11AM

Wow! I am so flattered. My own kind of Chuck Norris/Your Mom jokes.

surly, who really does love giving whips
surly temple
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Postby hambone » 04.03.09 10:30AM

Q: What's Surly's favorite kind of whip?

A: Chuck Norris's mom.
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Postby anya » 04.03.09 11:03AM

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Postby Straight Razor » 04.03.09 11:05AM

surly smells good.
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Postby tigoe » 04.03.09 11:12AM

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Postby nameLes » 04.03.09 11:38AM

I would like to join the Surly fan club as well!!
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Postby gingersnap » 04.03.09 11:39AM

pickles are her only kryptonite.
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Postby Cruel Hand Luke » 04.03.09 1:53PM

We don't skate counter-clockwise, we skate in the direction Surly tells us to!
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Postby chassiscrass » 04.03.09 2:30PM

I love Surly because she has the ability to make me spit beverage out of my mouth (or come close) EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE HER! How DOES she do it!?!

And you gotta love the FOOPAH!!!!
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Postby K.D. Caustic » 04.07.09 6:02PM

surly temple wrote:Wow! I am so flattered. My own kind of Chuck Norris/Your Mom jokes.

surly, who really does love giving whips
Hey, hey, hey, I was on that Surly Wagon before y'all could say her name! (Yeah, even before 'Slay was with GGRD!) I MUST say that Ms. Temple is certainly looking very tight and trim ... especially in that lovely attire on Sunday!

So, here's my attempt. When Surly whips or blocks someone, they won't be seen again until next Tuesday!

(I can't wait to tell my Jewish family and friends that I'm going to Temple the next time GGRD plays!!!)

-- k.d.
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