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the Jailhouse Rockettes ROCK!

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the Jailhouse Rockettes ROCK!

Postby Sweet Sherry Pie » 06.14.09 8:34PM

Ladies and Matt Lock,

On behalf of the Mayhem I would just like to say how awesome you all are!

Thank you thank you thank you

for all the locker room love, where i got the LARGEST BANANA I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE

for riling up our stellar crowd

and for playing along with all our wonderful pre-game shenanigans.

that's right. i said shenanigans.

you rock!
Sweet Sherry Pie
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Sweet Sherry Pie
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Postby Em Dash » 06.14.09 8:39PM

I totally second that! Thank you for putting so much time and energy and heart into supporting us.
Em Dash
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Postby Sandra Day O'Bomber » 06.15.09 2:36PM

It's easy to cheer so hard for the BEST DAMN TEAM IN THE LEAGUE

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Sandra Day O'Bomber
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