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The Bombshells heart you!

Anything and everything about the girls of Manhattan.

The Bombshells heart you!

Postby Papierschnitt » 05.09.10 6:54PM

Great fun today Manhattan! The Bombshells really enjoyed the scrimmage and appreciate your excellent sportsman/woman/personship. You're looking so good. Keep up the hard work!
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Re: The Bombshells heart you!

Postby Miss American Thighs » 05.10.10 9:17AM

You guys kick ass - thanks for letting us join your practice.
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Re: The Bombshells heart you!

Postby Sweet Sherry Pie » 05.10.10 11:41AM

Yes! It was a super great scrimmage. Always a pleasure.

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Re: The Bombshells heart you!

Postby Em Dash » 05.10.10 12:50PM

Thank you so much for having us! I had a blast. And I'm totally sore today, so you all did your work.
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