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On Sportswriting

Postby hambone » 06.01.12 1:21AM

He's pretty humble, so I guess I gotta bring this up myself.

Thomas Gerbasi, our resident derby scribe, has a great article up on this week

I added my own comment to it there, so I won't repeat it here, other than to reiterate gobs of appreciation.
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby theoriginaldonald » 06.01.12 6:55AM

I guess with Jon "Bones" Jones DUI and Arianny Celeste's domestic abuse arrests TG needed something happy to write about.

So when IS his article the the May 5th bout??????
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby Luna Impact » 06.01.12 10:18AM

This is a great piece! Thank you TG for everything you do for us and for derby!
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby DoubleClutch » 06.01.12 10:42AM

Awesome article Thomas. Thank you for caring about your craft. Each article you write about GGRD and derby helps to legitimize and authenticate our sport.
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby Dainty Inferno » 06.01.12 12:06PM

We are very lucky to have Thomas, the best derby writer in the biz. Having done writeups myself, I can tell you how difficult it is to write even the simplest of game recaps.

theoriginaldonald wrote:So when IS his article the the May 5th bout??????

You mean this one? ... win-505-19
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby Evilicious » 06.01.12 12:11PM

tom is the BEST!
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Re: On Sportswriting

Postby Ana Bollocks » 06.01.12 2:54PM

Evilicious wrote:tom is the BEST!

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