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Minimum Skill Requirements....

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Minimum Skill Requirements....

Postby KING OF PAIN » 02.03.06 6:41PM

Just posted at:, click on "Official Rules", then "Appendix A". 'Nuff said.
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Postby Mr. Pink » 02.03.06 7:24PM

mmm.... k, thanks :?
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Postby bklyn byrd » 07.14.06 11:09AM

Will these minimum requirements be used for judging try-outs this fall?
bklyn byrd
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Postby kittin » 07.14.06 1:33PM

The judges look for a variety of qualities in our new recruits. We look more for potential than current ability. Not to say it doesn't hurt to already be very comfortable on skates but we don't expect a new girl to know how to give an assist right off the bat. All recruits are fully trained before they take a place on a team.

We also look for those that understand the DIY attitude of GGRD and the dedication it takes to become a Gotham Girl.

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