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you make the call

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you make the call

Postby hambone » 05.20.06 10:44PM

here's a screen shot of one of the closest disputed calls from Bout #1, from the second period


inside: Barhot (#60, jamming)
middle: Stuffit (jamming)
right: Surly (pivot), finishing an inside whip of her jammer

Surly is the last blocker either of these jammers need to pass in order to become lead jammer.

A very tough call ... Originally, both jammer refs signified that their skater was the Lead Jammer. Complicating the situation was that Barhot, with the tighter angle on the inside track, immediately shot ahead of Stuffit by a couple of body lengths.

Head Ref Pink stepped in and declared Stuffit to be lead. I dare say that the ref team got it right! BOO-YAH!
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