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team divisions

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team divisions

Postby hex appeal » 01.14.07 12:44PM

What system did you guys use to break skaters up into teams when you started out? We're about to break up in the next month or so and are looking for how other leagues did it.
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Postby Ana Bollocks » 01.15.07 1:06PM

There's a lot of discussion about this on the Yahoo Rookie Roller Leagues board, are you on that?

I think the short answer for us is that the coaching committee argued it out, but it was before my time.
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Postby chassiscrass » 01.15.07 7:03PM

for the initial lineups of the Bombshells, Mayhem and Queenies, we just hashed it out among the Captains & Co-Captains with particular concern to forming evenly matched teams. we felt it was important to give the audience exciting games, not landslide victories.

this might have been easier for us considering we had only 12 skaters when we formed our first 2 teams and under 30 total when integrating the 3rd. if you are dealing with more skaters, it might be more difficult to hash it out like we did. you might consider a draft picking order that is ramdomly selected.

but i do suggest holding off on forming your teams until you are close to bouting. i've heard about too many teams forming rosters before they really even knew everyone's skill level and/or potential, just to then feel the need to re-arrange rosters because one team or another ended up being stacked. believe me, it is no fun having to rip teams apart once they have already been formed.
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