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Happy Belated Birthday B.O. Hazard!!!

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Happy Belated Birthday B.O. Hazard!!!

Postby Ana Bollocks » 01.19.07 1:34AM

The man spent his own b-day at tryouts making hot chocolate for everyone else.

Happy happy!
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Postby Bitchie Slambora » 01.19.07 1:49AM

OMG!!! Happy Birthday B.O!!! Why did you not say anything?????? We could have spanked you.....hee hee hee........... :twisted:
Bitchie Slambora (Tramp who?)

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Postby chassiscrass » 01.19.07 2:42AM

Aw, Man! So sorry this is belated. I saw your B-Day on my lovely GGRD calendar and meant to wish you a happy one too!...then I just got too caught up in the tryout excitement!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
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Postby beatrix slaughter » 01.19.07 10:35AM

Happy Birthday! I'm glad we had some birthday cocoa even though we didn't know it at the time. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!
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beatrix slaughter
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Postby Lolita Ford » 01.19.07 10:59AM

Happy Belated Birthday!
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Lolita Ford
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Postby Sugar Smacks » 01.19.07 11:53AM

It must be birthday magic, to be able to take Western Beef Chocolate drink into something actually yummy. Happy B-Day stinky.
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Postby b.o. hazard » 01.19.07 12:43PM

Yes, Wednesday was my birthday. Woot! Woot!

I had a great day all day, and loved spending part of the time making cocoa for my girls.


ps: don't worry, Tramp, belated spankin' is just as sweet.
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b.o. hazard
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Postby Raggedy Animal » 01.19.07 8:30PM

thank you so much for the coco
Happy Belated!
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Postby Bonnie Thunders » 01.20.07 10:37AM

Mmm cocoa. Thank you! and happy belated bday!
Bonnie Thunders
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