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Something to think about during offseason....

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Something to think about during offseason....

Postby CostaTheCrazyGreek » 10.22.05 3:06AM

I wanna talk about something that should be utilized during bouts. It's called "the pull away". It's when the opposing team pulls away from the pack when the jammer approaches. It should be used when there is only one jammer approaching the pack (the other jammer is stuck in the middle of the pack). This was very successful during the hey days of roller derby as a defensive tactic. I hope this comes into play during next season.
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Postby KING OF PAIN » 10.25.05 3:23PM

The pull away as a defensive tactic wasn't always as successful as you seem to think. With teammates whipping their jammer around the track, he (after all, it was rarely used by any derby ladies team, even back in the day) would often catch up to the slowest skater from the opposition in the pull away (remember, they'd be skating single file most times), nudge him aside, then the next, and the next, and the next, and then the fifth skater would feel the speedier jammer's wrath. A Roller Derby Grand Slam for the team NOT using the pull away! It was probably used as a "defensive" maneuver to showcase the opposition jammer's skating skills, not to stop the opposition from scoring. (Remember, this was derby as theater; i.e. "sports entertainment" pre Vince McMahon.)
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