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wftda 2.1 passes

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wftda 2.1 passes

Postby hambone » 04.05.07 10:29PM

new rules available at

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Postby Hewlett Smackard » 04.05.07 10:54PM

I'm a little bit confused... some of the rules that were used at the ECE aren't in here. For example, the false start thing... at the ECE with a false start the jam was stopped and the false starter had to move 20 feet back before the restart. These rules seem to indicate that you should handle that the same way GGRD's been handling it. Which is fine, but I'm now curious as to why we had different rules at the ECE. For fun? For an experiment?

Also, very cute sign.
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Postby hambone » 04.05.07 11:17PM

this is a very long story

summary is at ... rules.html

another summary:

wftda v1.0 ---> used at dust devil '06
wftda v2.0 ---> drafted but failed to be ratified
wftda v1.0 + DD '07 customizations --> used at DD '07
incorporated a few popular snippets of v2.0
wftda v1.0 + ECE '07 customization --> used at ECE '07
incorporated a similar few popular snippets of v2.0
but also did some other things all on its own
wftda v2.1 ---> just passed; based on v2.0 but with
just enough minor changes to get everyone behind it.
Does not incorporate any 'lessons' from DD'07 or ECE '07.

Gotham '07 -- will bout under wftda v2.1, with minimal local customizations TBD. Maybe none. Maybe a handful.
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Re: wftda 2.1 passes

Postby Ana Bollocks » 04.06.07 12:05AM

hambone wrote:new rules available at



I don't envy you guys dealing with this.
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