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delayed jammer ref calls

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delayed jammer ref calls

Postby hambone » 06.11.07 7:59AM

Off-line I got a question about the 'delayed calls' of jammer refs at Friday night's game.

Fans were confused when a jammer would break through the pack and their jammer ref would wait ... and wait ... and wait before signalling "lead jammer" or "not lead," or hold up a number of points.

This is proper 'referee form' due to the new 'any-pass' scoring. If a jammer breaks through the pack but did not legally pass all the opposing blockers, she has a 10-foot buffer zone in which to decide to slow down and attempt to re-pass anyone.

If a jammer successfully gets through and passes everyone legally, fans should see the "L" or the "4 fingers" sign immediately on her exit from the pack. If there's a delay, it's because the jammer ref is waiting for the jammer to commit to exiting the pack by 10 feet. THEN she gets her "not lead" sign (or "3" or "2" or "1" or "0" points). (Or, she can immediately see the 'not lead' sign if the other jammer has already picked up Lead Jammer status.)

A jammer knows that she has 'unfinished business' in the pack by looking over to the jammer ref and seeing no indication. She can decide whether or not to 'go back' and remedy the situation, or forge ahead and get clear of the pack.

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