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Penalty Box Overload..

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Penalty Box Overload..

Postby MotorPsycho » 07.09.07 9:44AM

OK, so I've been studying 2.1 so I can ref for Suburbia Roller Derby and I have a question regarding skaters in the penalty box. So there can only be a max of 2 skaters from each team in the box at one time, and a 3rd skater would be waved back into play. My question is, when one of the 2 skaters originally in the box comes out, is the third skater automatically sent in?
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Postby hambone » 07.09.07 10:00AM

yes, it's kind of a difficult situation to manage, but the skater who is waved off from the box should be waved in once her teammate is released. The skater who 'owes time' in the box should be compelled to play in the following jam, if necessary, so that her time will be properly served. Head ref has to keep his/her eye on this.

if the situation with more than two in the box looks like it will only last <10 seconds, then the box can be temporarily 'overpopulated'. GGRD has had a few of these kinds of moments this season.
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