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Postby Bobby Narco » 07.24.07 11:47AM

What are the other three positions (besides jammer and pivot) called? Are they just generically called "blockers," or is there some distinction made by where they are lined up before the first whistle blows?
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Postby hambone » 07.24.07 11:59AM

GGRD calls pivot "1" and the other three "2", "3", and "4", where 2 lines up on the inside, 3 on the outside, and 4 in the rear.

Some other leagues call them "pivot, 1, 2, 3"

Some other leagues call them "pivot, inside, outside, back"

From a rules/ref standpoint, as long as they are lined up more or less in a diamond formation the individual blocking positions can do whatever they want after the whistle blows. (i.e. trade responsibilities, etc.)
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