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Referees ?

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Referees ?

Postby ShawnHaley » 02.28.06 1:12PM

I have a few general questions about Referees in Roller Derby
How many Referees are there at dery bout?
What does each ref do ?
How well do you need to skate to be a derby Referee?
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Postby hambone » 02.28.06 2:07PM

Before this last weekend at the Dust Devil Tournament, I would have answered that a referee needs to be a "decent" skater.

After that experience I would have to upgrade the qualifications to being "very, very good" skater. All the refs, particularly Buster Cheatin', were taken out several times during the bouts, and we each were on wheels for over four hours a day.

There are 'administrative' (i.e. non-skating) referee roles which only require an understanding of the game (scorekeeper, penalty timer, etc.).

The WFTDA rules define a number of referee spots, you can see those at Gotham Girls last year played with slightly different rules and roles for the referees, those are described at ... r_Referees

The rules and ref roles GGRD will use in 2006 are still under development.
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Postby Mr. Pink » 02.28.06 2:10PM

As per WFTDA, it's a minimum of 3, a maximum of 7. However, you may see the maxium change for large competitions.

For intra-league competition, I think 6 is enough, but I'd prefer 7, even 8.

They have various duties.

1 Head ref - confers with team captains and managers about any questionable calls, concerns, answers, etc. they can also overturn calls made by other refs at their discretion, call fouls, penalties, etc. they're focus is on all the players on the rink.

2 Jammer refs - they follow the jammers, and keep their scores. they also watch for lead or no-lead jammer status, and whether they foul or are fouled.

1-4 pack refs - they watch the pack for fouling, 20 ft. infractions, equipment failure, pulling people for major fouls, etc.

I would say you need a pretty decent skater. After experiencing the tournament this past weekend, and the speed and control of the players, it only makes sense the refs are on par with their abilities.
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