Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Happy Birfday Hambone!!

Not sure how the game works? Here's the place to ask.

Postby hambone » 05.15.08 7:34PM

you know, the dangerous place where the bad man keeps buying skaters pitcher after pitcher.
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Postby Em Dash » 05.15.08 11:11PM

Hehe, I hope you enjoyed those dangerous pitchers. Happy bday!
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Postby EndlessJustin » 05.15.08 11:51PM

I gotch yer birthday right here brother.

ps mom says "hi." and she wants to know why you don't answer your phone on your birthday.
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Postby Flying Squirrel » 05.16.08 12:43AM

We're all in Hambone country now.

Happy B-day!
so sayeth the squirrel
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Postby gretaturbo » 05.16.08 12:54AM

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Postby ani dispanco » 05.16.08 1:19PM

happy birthday!!
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Postby hambone » 05.17.08 1:18PM

hey everybuddy!

we're doing extended birthday celebration by going derby-wild in carolina

last night: speed practice in raleigh with CRG
this morning: 8am league pracice with CRG (ZZZZZZzzzzz)
tonite: reffing at Cape Fear Rollergirls in Wilmington, 2 hours away
tomorrow night: reffing at Carolina intraleague-bout

do i know how to party, or what??
Regrets to all the other good parties going on in NYC this weekend

Meanwhile the Cape Fear Rollergirls bout tonite is some kind of mixed-up wacky mixed team scrimmage due to a late cancellation by their originally scheduled travel visitors. There's a slight chance Ginger Snap will be able to strap 'em on and skate...
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