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New WFTDA Rules Forum

Postby EndlessJustin » 07.11.08 10:18AM

Hey Gotham Fans!

The WFTDA Rules Committee has developed this forum to provide definitive and final answers about the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Standard Rules. Anyone with a question about the WFTDA Rules is encouraged to submit questions to the Rules Committee through this forum. This forum serves WFTDA leagues, Non-WFTDA leagues, WFTDA-Aspiring leagues, fans and anyone else seeking final and definitive answers from the source. Some questions can be answered right away. Some questions need to be run through the WFTDA Rules Committee and may take additional time.

We, the Committee, are excited to provide this service, and are eager to help everyone understand the rules, the rules development process and anything else that may need to be communicated or clarified. The Rules Committee sees this as an important process; not only to help everyone understand the rules, but also to identify areas that are being mis-understood and therefore need to be addressed.

The author of all questions will be kept anonymous.

The Rules Committee is a sub-committee of the WFTDA’s Games Committee. Members are elected to two-year terms at the WFTDA Annual Conference. Membership represents seven different WFTDA leagues and all four WFTDA regions.

Thank you for your submissions,

Endless Justin

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