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switching jammers

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Re: switching jammers

Postby Sweet Sherry Pie » 05.26.10 11:42AM

P.S. For those of you who are still in doubt, after watching the footage at work this morning, I can say that this jam was scored correctly. The 4 points counted in that first scoring lap went to Frankie- 1 for Bollocks (jammer) and 3 for Queens blockers, 2 of which were in the box. She did not get a point for passing Bones, and neither did I. Then I completed another entire scoring lap including Bollocks to score 5 points. A total of a 9 point jam.

So quit your jibber jabber.
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Re: switching jammers

Postby Mr. Bill » 05.26.10 1:01PM

Until my rotator heals, all I have is jibber-jabber (please don't take my jibber-jabber).
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