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New WFTDA Rules

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New WFTDA Rules

Postby EndlessJustin » 05.27.10 6:41PM

The WFTDA released the May 26 2010 rules revision.


A summary of changes is here:
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Re: New WFTDA Rules

Postby imarseille » 04.28.11 9:46PM

The Rules are one of the easiest
documents you may have to read.
It was for me.
Rudolf Flesch would be
congratulating the
writers were he alive.
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Re: New WFTDA Rules

Postby theoriginaldonald » 04.29.11 6:12AM

will the league team/AllstarW$T DHs be under the no minor beta rules?
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Re: New WFTDA Rules

Postby Mr. Bill » 04.29.11 12:34PM

theoriginaldonald wrote:will the league team/AllstarW$T DHs be under the no minor beta rules?

No. So far the only beta test bouts planned are the ones on the WFTDA website.
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