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Tampa Bay bout report

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Tampa Bay bout report

Postby hambone » 05.10.06 1:38PM

I thought I'd share an interesting posting to a referee group made by a referee from Tampa Bay.

They had their first bout this last weekend and their experience serves as a great cautionary tale for all of us!

i've made some edits in the original story for clarity/brevity


First off it was a sell out and all and all everything went great!,
besides the power going out for 20 minutes in between bouts.(all four
teams played 2 20 minute periods.)

Anyways to the problem - The last bout of the night was a barn burner
that came down to a 3 point lead for the home team with just under 2
minutes left in the bout.

Allow me back up 3 jams earlier,- the home team had one of their best
pivots (arguably the best blocker in the league.) ejected out of the
bout for kicking her skates near another skaters face while she was in
a fight.

Back to just under 2 minutes to go-- I'm rotating on the outside and
notice about 15 seconds into the jam that this player has rejoined her
team on the floor for the last jam of the night. I didn't call the jam
off at this point because I wasn't 100 percent sure the head ref
didn't reverse the ejection decision.(never annouced or anything else.)

Well their strategy worked and they were able to obtain lead jammer
statis AND hold off the visiting team for a 4 point victory. (of sorts)

I immediately ran to the head ref and asked if he reversed his ruling
and he replied "HELL NO", I informed him that she was on the floor for
the last Jam (which no one caught but me.), and this is where s***
gets interesting.

[argument ensued - the upshot being that the ejected skater claimed that 'someone' told her it was okay to go back in, but this 'someone' never materialized - ed.]

After 20-25 minutes the crowd exiting and the rope lights being ripped
up etc, ... we couldn't even remove their points from the last jam, 4, which would have produced an overtime jam between the teams.

After a few more painful minutes discussing what should be done, the
head ref declared the home team disqualified from the bout and that the visiting team should be awarded the win.

At this point the President suggested that we should hold off on making a decision until a later date as to not cause any conflict at the huge after party that was planned.


Trust me in the future when/if a skater gets expelled we will require
her skates and hang them in the center of the rink on display...

Thanks, OpressHer TBDD


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Talk about inept officiating...

Postby dnail » 05.10.06 8:18PM

Wow, indeed.

To paraphrase one of my favorites, "Skates don't break the rules, rollergirls break the rules!" They are hanging the wrong thing.

Of course, in my humble opinion, it should be the ref for letting the bout get out of control. Thank goodness the Gotham Girls don't have wimpy refs.
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