Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Finally – Brooklyn Beats Bronx for First GGRD Title

by: Thomas Gerbasi
October 30, 2011

Finally – Brooklyn Beats Bronx for First GGRD Title
by Thomas Gerbasi

It was déjà vu all over again for the Bronx Gridlock. Trailing the Brooklyn Bombshells 78-31 at halftime in their Gotham Girls Roller Derby league championship game at the City College of New York’s Nat Holman Gymnasium Saturday night, memories immediately shifted to the 2009 title bout, when the Gridlock faced a 42 point halftime deficit against the Manhattan Mayhem, only to roar back in the second half to win the first of two consecutive Golden Skate trophies.

But this time was different. In the Bombshells, they were facing a team determined to shed the 'lovable underdogs' tag forever.  The Brooklyn squad blasted out of the gate to begin their first ever championship game, using a 25 point jam by Hela Skelter (who, along with the injured Raggedy Animal, is the senior member of the team, with six seasons in the blue, white, and red).  The huge outburst gave Brooklyn an early 28-3 lead, but what happened in the final 30 minutes would dictate their fate.

And in the second half that Bronx began to show everything expected of them. Riddled by costly trips to the box in the first half, and with scoring machine Bonnie Thunders held to just 21 points thanks to stellar defense by the OMG WTF and Papierschnitt-led Bombshells, the Gridlock began to make their inevitable run.

Down 107-37 after a 20 point jam from Brooklyn’s Score of Babylon, the Bronx turned to their veterans to deliver, and with captain Kandy Kakes and retiring Beatrix Slaughter directing traffic and jammers Thunders, Brigitte Barhot, Luna Impact, and B.Zerk chipping away, the Gridlock cut the Brooklyn lead to 113-84.

The crowd braced themselves for another photo finish similar to the OT win by the Bombshells over Queens that earned them a spot in the final.  Having survived a war like that a little over a month and a half ago, Brooklyn were reminded of just what it took to get here. This wasn’t David vs. Goliath anymore. This was a meeting of the two best teams in the league, and Brooklyn knew that they belonged with the two-time defending champions.

So after Slaughter fouled out due to her seventh trip to the penalty box, and B-Zerk got called for a major cut at the end of the following jam, Brooklyn led 121-99, and it was time to put the proverbial nail in the coffin, which they did thanks to a 12 point jam from Wild Cherri that allowed them to withstand a final 25 point burst from Thunders and Luna to earn their first GGRD title, 133-124.

With the victory, Brooklyn becomes only the third team to crash the GGRD championship party, as the previous six league titles were split among the Bronx and Queens. And as far as that ‘underdog’ tag goes, consider it buried.

Meet the new boss.

2011 GGRD Champs, the Brooklyn Bombshells.  Photo: Manish Gosalia

GGRD's 2011 Champs, the Brooklyn Bombshells.  Photo: Manish Gosalia


                  1     2       F
Brooklyn    78    55    133
Bronx        31    93    124

Brooklyn MVP – OMG WTF
Bronx MVP – Bonnie Thunders

Leading Brooklyn Scorers
Wild Cherri 60 points (13 jams)
Hela Skelter 28 points (3 jams)
Score of Babylon 27 points (12 jams)

Leading Bronx Scorers
Bonnie Thunders 65 points (15 jams)
Beatrix Slaughter 19 points (5 jams)
Brigitte Barhot 16 points (3 jams)

Leading Brooklyn Blockers
OMG WTF 25 jams (+11)
Papierschnitt 23 jams (-4)
Hela Skelter 20 jams (-9)

Leading Bronx Blockers
Kandy Kakes 25 jams (-5)
Brigitte Barhot 18 jams (+11)
Luna Impact 16 jams (-10)

Brooklyn Penalties
Minors: 61 Majors: 15 Box Trips: 25

Bronx Penalties
Minors: 45 Majors: 27 Box Trips: 34

Stats provided by Rinxter