Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Brooklyn and Manhattan Get the Job Done in Oct 9 Post-Season Showdown

by: Thomas Gerbasi
October 10, 2010

Gettin’ The Job Done: Brooklyn, Manhattan Take Different Routes to Post-Season Showdown Victories
by Thomas Gerbasi

NEW YORK - Sometimes a score can tell the complete story of a bout; other times, not so much.

A prime example was Saturday’s Post-season Showdown at Hunter College, where home teams Brooklyn and Manhattan came up big against visiting squads from Providence and Suburbia, respectively. But on a night when the Bombshells said goodbye to retiring skaters Hard Anya and game MVP Demonica Mars, the lopsided victories for both Gotham Girls Roller Derby teams were anything but carbon copies of each other.

In the opener, Brooklyn picked up where they left off after their September win over the Mayhem, blasting out of the starting gate behind the jamming Fab Four of Carmen Monoxide, Papierschnitt, OMG WTF and Score of Babylon to build a 71-0 lead after four jams from which Providence never recovered. The final score in favor of Brooklyn was 202-20, and with the Pigeons only dressing 11 skaters, the strategy from the Bombshells was evident.

“There are two strategies we could have taken going against a short roster,” said captain Hela Skelter. “Make them skate fast to tire them out, or hit them hard to tire them out -- and I think our team’s strength is to hit them as hard as we can.”

They did, with Hela, Sexy Slaydie, Bitch Cassidy, Megahurtz, and Raggedy Animal particularly notable for making their out-of-town guests feel unwelcome on the track. And to the team’s credit, they didn’t take their foot off the gas at all during the abbreviated contest (two 20-minute instead of 30-minute halves), whether on the offensive or defensive end.

“We really appreciate them coming down with a short roster, but no matter who we play, we’re gonna go as hard as we can,” said Hela, whose +97 point differential over seven jams was tops on the team.

Offensively, the team continued to go with a ‘jammer by committee’ philosophy, sending 11 skaters to the jammer line, including Hela, nameLes, Double Clutch, Lady Fingers, and Tail Gunner Flo, and the result was a balanced scoring attack that saw five Bombshells scoring over 20 points each (Demonica Mars 54, Carmen Monoxide 46, Score of Babylon 28, Papierschnitt 26, and Hard Anya 24).

Ruca A. Salt led the way for the game Providence squad with 8 points, but this night belonged to Brooklyn, who bounced back from an 0-2 start to win the final regular season game of 2010 and then build on that momentum with Saturday’s victory. If only it was June and not October.

“When you have a lot of new skaters you’re integrating, it takes so long sometimes to tune up the team,” admits Hela. “If we had four games right at the beginning of the season, if that were possible, I feel like we would have been like this earlier, which would have been awesome, but it makes me look forward to next season. Even though we have a few people leaving, all these other skaters on our team are super-integrated now and we’re gonna start off in a very good place next season.”

Fittingly, the Bombshell’s final bout of the year ended with a jam that featured the best from retirees Demonica Mars and Hard Anya, as Demonica scored 20 points while Anya cleared the way and simultaneously held Providence scoreless.

“Demonica has developed so well as a jammer, and I’m so sad that she’s going,” said Hela. “She’s going to the midwest and whoever she skates with will be lucky to have her; I’m sure she’ll get even better. And Anya has been such a source of wisdom. She’s been skating forever, and she’s been a mentor to our team and she’s such a smart player. I’m gonna miss both of them so much, but I’m glad they got to go out on a game like this, and it was a good last jam for them.”

And for Brooklyn.

The Manhattan Mayhem also ended 2010 on a high note, and even though the final score of 121-57 denotes a comfortable 64 point waltz into the off-season, the hometown favorites didn’t take the easy road to victory.

“We always tell ourselves not to underestimate the opponent, but maybe we didn’t remind ourselves enough of that [early],” said Mayhem blocker Roxy Gibrawltar. “But we adjusted our strategy a little, started hitting harder, started getting to the front, started working together as partners a little better, and we executed better. But they’re a great team.”

The scrappy Suburbanites came out determined to pull off an upset against their downstate foes, and behind a patient attack and two big jams from IV Drop (15 points) and AWOL (13 points), they buried Manhattan in an early 36-3 hole after six jams.

The Mayhem weren’t about to go away that easy, and despite the daunting task ahead, they didn’t lose their collective cool.

“We never panic,” said Roxy. “We actually have a philosophy of Zen derby; we stay very calm no matter what happens, and a lot of us have been playing together for a long time.”

And as the seconds ticked away on the abbreviated 20 minute half, the veterans of the squad, led by captain Sweet Sherry Pie and co-captain Fisti Cuffs, started laying the groundwork for the comeback. That’s when MVP Em Dash took over, scoring 37 of her game high 50 points in three of the final four jams of the half, sending her team into the locker room with a 53-42 advantage.

“A really good jam builds your momentum, it builds your confidence, and if you can build off that momentum, you’ve got it,” said Roxy, and she was right.

Dash and her jamming partners in crime, Swede Hurt and Tip-Her Gore, extended that lead to 78-45 early in the second half, but the Brawl weren’t truly put away until Fisti Cuffs slammed the door with a 24 point jam of her own and a series of ferocious hits that stamped the spark out of her opponents.

From there, it was all Manhattan, as blockers Miss American Thighs, Anne Frankenstein, GalXC, Mayday Malone, Angela Slamsbury, Jensurgency, Straight Razor, and Roxy Gibrawltar, along with the aforementioned skaters, made sure there would be no miracle comeback.

“You have to fight until the end,” said Tip-Her Gore. “We’re never like ‘oh, we’ve got this in the bag,’ because that’s exactly when they’re gonna come up and kill us. So we fight ‘til the end.”

Manhattan finishes up their 2010 campaign with a victory to tack on to their 1-2 regular season slate. It’s the perfect block to build on for next year, and as far as Tip-Her Gore is concerned, there’s only one goal for 2011.

“There are no orange banners,” she said, pointing to the wall of Hunter College, where the GGRD championship banners hang. “We’re gonna put one up there.”



                       1          2          F
Providence      10        10        20
Brooklyn         107      95        202

Providence MVP – Craisy Dukes
Brooklyn MVP – Demonica Mars

Leading Providence Scorers
Ruca A. Salt 8 points (2 jams)
Cleo Patronize 6 points (4 jams)
Craisy Dukes 5 points (3 jams)

Leading Providence Blockers
Vicious Stylz 11 jams (-122)
Rose Creeper 9 jams (-48)
Craisy Dukes 9 jams (-83)

Leading Brooklyn Scorers
Demonica Mars 54 points (5 jams)
Carmen Monoxide 46 points (3 jams)
Score of Babylon 28 points (3 jams)

Leading Brooklyn Blockers
Sexy Slaydie 8 jams (+94)
Bitch Cassidy 8 jams (+57)
Hela Skelter 7 jams (+97)

Providence Penalties
Minors: 30 Majors: 11 Box Trips: 16

Brooklyn Penalties
Minors: 27 Majors: 8 Box Trips: 9



                         1          2          F
Suburbia          42        15        57
Manhattan       53        68        121

Suburbia MVP – IV Drop
Manhattan MVP – Em Dash

Leading Suburbia Scorers
IV Drop 15 points (1 jam)
AWOL 13 points (6 jams)
Domestic Violet 9 points (3 jams)
Organic Panic 9 points (3 jams)

Leading Suburbia Blockers
Suffah Kate 13 jams (-39)
IV Drop 11 jams (-8)
Dina Sore Jr. 11 jams (-16)

Leading Manhattan Scorers
Em Dash 50 points (7 jams)
Swede Hurt 26 points (7 jams)
Fisti Cuffs 24 points (2 jams)

Leading Manhattan Blockers
Sweet Sherry Pie 13 jams (+29)
Miss American Thighs 9 jams (+49)
Fisti Cuffs 8 jams (+59)

Suburbia Penalties
Minors: 34 Majors: 12 Box Trips: 16

Manhattan Penalties
Minors: 26 Majors: 14 Box Trips: 15