Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Repeat – Thunders Scores Record 91 as Bronx Wins Second Straight Championship

by: Thomas Gerbasi
October 31, 2010

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Repeat – Thunders Scores Record 91 as Bronx Wins Second Straight Championship
by Thomas Gerbasi

NEW YORK – Emotions were running high Saturday night for the final game of Suzy Hotrod’s career as a member of the Queens of Pain, but apparently the skaters of the Bronx Gridlock are not the sentimental type, as they delivered their usual display of excellence in the 2010 Gotham Girls Roller Derby league title game at the Nat Holman Gymnasium, holding off a gutsy challenge from their rivals to repeat as champions, 132-98.

Bonnie Thunders and Suzy Hotrod combined for 147 points at the 2010 Championship.  Photo: gt8073a

Bonnie Thunders and Suzy Hotrod combined for 147 points at the 2010 Championship.  Photo: gt8073a

The victory, punctuated by Bonnie Thunders’ league record 91 points, was a far cry from last year’s championship win, which saw the Gridlock roar back from a 42 point halftime deficit to defeat Manhattan for the Golden Skate trophy. This time, the Bronx got off to a fast start and kept the pressure on, as they led from whistle to whistle and provided quite the sendoff for their own retiring skaters, Ani DiSpanco and Murder City Mandy.

But the scrappy group from Queens never caved in under the Bronx assault, and it was a fitting final home contest for Suzy Hotrod, who led her team in scoring with 56 points while also taking team MVP honors.

Leaving the league following next weekend’s WFTDA championship tournament in Chicago due to an upcoming move out of New York, Suzy was greeted by a thunderous roar from the packed house during introductions, but the Gridlock blockers silenced the crowd early on, with a committee of Ginger Snap, Kandy Kakes, Bronx MVP Luna Impact, B-Zerk, Speed McQueen, Care Bear Scare, Beatrix Slaughter, Murder City Mandy, Rat-A-Tat-Kat, Rushin’ Revolution, and returning Captain Brigitte Barhot all combining to hold the perennial All-Star scoreless in her first three jams.

Queens’ All-Star Hyper Lynx kept her team in the game with 13 points early, and by the time Suzy got on the board during the eighth jam, they only trailed by a point, 18-17. Yet slowly, but surely, the Bronx began adding to their lead, and with Barhot directing traffic in her first game of the year following surgery for a torn ACL, the deficit for Queens grew, with the killing blow being a 20 point jam just before the half from Thunders as two Queens skaters sat in the penalty box.

Down by 29 at halftime, the Queens squad emerged from the locker room fired up for the second half and they held a 9-2 edge in the first three jams as All-Star blockers Donna Matrix and Ana Bollocks (who competed in 31 and 30 of the bout’s 41 jams) looked to hold things together both offensively and defensively. But a 14-0 jam from Thunders, followed by a 7-0 jam from Luna pushed the Bronx lead to 95-49, and from there it was a game of cat and mouse, with Queens chasing and the Gridlock pulling off all the right strategic moves to keep their opponents from getting within striking distance.

In the 38th jam, Suzy made her final stand, and a 15 point jam pulled the Queens to within 28 points, 119-91. It was a manageable deficit with game-changing jammers like Suzy and East Regional MVP Hyper Lynx, but the core blocking group of Kakes, Snap, Barhot, and Slaughter closed the book on the miracle comeback, earning the Gridlock its third GGRD championship trophy, tying them with Queens in the all-time standings.


                        1          2          F

Bronx              69        63        132
Queens           40        58        98

Bronx MVP – Luna Impact
Queens MVP – Suzy Hotrod

Leading Bronx Scorers
Bonnie Thunders 91 points (19 jams)
Luna Impact 16 points (6 jams)
B-Zerk 13 points (7 jams)

Leading Bronx Blockers
Kandy Kakes 26 jams (+23)
Brigitte Barhot 25 jams (+1)
Ginger Snap 17 jams (+14)

Leading Queens Scorers
Suzy Hotrod 56 points (22 jams)
Hyper Lynx 38 points (16 jams)
Puss ‘n Glutes 4 points (3 jams)

Leading Queens Blockers
Donna Matrix 31 jams (-30)
Ana Bollocks 30 jams (-17)
Haulin’ Cass 19 jams (-24)

Bronx Penalties
Minors: 40 Majors: 12 Box Trips: 17

Queens Penalties
Minors: 48 Majors: 16 Box Trips: 24

Stats provided by Rinxter.

Additional reporting from Jordan Gerbasi