Primary Positions:
Blocker, Pivot

6 Seasons

“GGRD's P.R.D.C.T.”

King Kog, bikes, BT.


People who get in my way.

Athletic Background

OMG grew up running cross country, track and playing soccer. She competed in the 1992 Track & Field Junior Olympics in Auburn, AL in the 1500m and Discus Throw. OMG began coaching and refereeing club soccer in 1994. She later went on to receive a scholarship to Cal State University Fullerton to play NCAA Division 1 soccer in 1997.


OMG grew up in California, yet had an intense aversion to the sun so she decided to move up to Portland, Oregon for a while and soak up some rain. Portland is where her love of riding and fixing bikes began. In 2003 OMG attended United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon and received her certificate in Advanced Shop Mechanics and Advanced Wheelbuilding. In 2006 OMG again decided she wasn't quite cold enough and moved on up to Montreal, Quebec to really experience winter, and to open her very own bicycle shop, Révolution Montréal. Montreal is where she first learned of roller derby and began helping manage one of the Montreal Roller Derby home teams, La Racaille. After 3 years in Canada, OMG finally decided it was time to head back down to the good ol' US of A and try out for Gotham Girls Roller Derby. So she sold her shop, packed her skates and made the plunge into the fast paced New York City world. She now happily lives in New York, skates for GGRD and works at King Kog, the most amazing bike shop in town.


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**Head shot by Jean Schwarzwalder, 2013. Action photo by Sean Hale.