Suzy Hotrod


Suzy Hotrod
Queens of Pain

Primary Positions:
Blocker, Jammer

11 Seasons

Suzy Hotrod
“If you practice anything, you'll get good at something”

Presents, attempting to turn roller derby trips into vacations, dream boats in black jeans and black Converse, visiting the Stevie Kicks Fajita Roundup to see Stevie's reflection in a big pile of nachos


Dippin' Dots, knowledge of fine wine, vintage cameras

Athletic Background

Hotrod's sporting qualifications include aggressive wall holding at roller skating birthday parties, receiving a Certificate for Athletic Achievement in the Area of Marching Band, and years of training being the only girl in the mosh pit. 

Suzy has been with the league since the early days, joining in May 2004. "It's getting pretty serious, they're wearing pads and helmets." -CC Bullets


Suzy is tattooed, wears signature war paint under her eyes and red lipstick, and is host of the gun show. She became Suzy Hotrod long before roller derby playing in punk bands. Her signature move is the Pop Tart. She has been known to score points. She personally identifies with the leadership skills of Jimmy Dugan and trains her home team in the montage style of Rocky IV. She blocks on her birthday. She is known by many aliases: Suzy Horchata, Stabby Hotdog, Suzy Hotdog, Suzy Hotmom, Suzy HighTops, Suzy "Blank Check" Hotrod, Scabby Hottub, Skippy Hopscotch, Suzy Hotface, Suzy Muscle Car, Suzy "Hater" Hotrod.


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2011 Video Profile:


**Head shot by Jean Schwarzwalder, 2013. Action photo by Manish Gosalia.