Gotham Girls Roller Derby Celebrates 15 Years

Photo by  David Dyte

Photo by David Dyte

2019 marks Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s fifteenth season of hard hits, fast-paced skating, and advancing the sport of roller derby on a local, national, and international level. Founded in 2003, Gotham held our first exhibition game in 2004. Since then, Gotham has won five Women’s Flat Track Derby Association international championships and medalled in every championship tournament for the past nine years. Currently ranked number four in the world, Gotham’s skaters have also represented countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Korea, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, Israel, and Team Indigenous in the Roller Derby World Cup. Off the track, we are proud to be founding members of the WFTDA and to continue furthering the sport’s values of inclusion and diversity.

Our fifteenth season officially kicks off on March 9, when the Bronx Gridlock will take on the Queens of Pain at John Jay College. Get your tickets here and join us to celebrate throughout our fifteenth season!

2019 Season Schedule

March 9 at John Jay College

Bronx Gridlock vs. Queens of Pain

April 13 at John Jay College

Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Manhattan Mayhem

May 11 at John Jay College

Bronx Gridlock vs. Brooklyn Bombshells

June 8 at John Jay College

Queens of Pain vs. Manhattan Mayhem

July 13 Doubleheader at Abe Stark Arena

Queens of Pain vs. Brooklyn Bombshells

Manhattan Mayhem vs. Bronx Gridlock

August 3 at John Jay College

Third Place Game

August 24 at John Jay College

Championship Game

Home Team Logos: Now and Then

GGRD 2018 Online Auction Now Open

With our All Stars preparing to take on the world in New Orleans at WFTDA Champs this week; Gotham’s 2018 season is coming to a close. We’re hosting an online auction to help sustain our organization for our 15th season* of growing roller derby of all levels in New York City and beyond.

With 17 new recruits and a massive expansion in our recreational and youth programs in 2018; we’re excited about how our hive has thrived this year; and looking to our community to sustain the organization’s growth in 2019.

With the help of some of our league’s best friends & supporters, we’ve curated a selection of unique experiences and memorabilia* to offer.

As you take a look at these special items; join us and keep Gotham’s torch lit and help sustain the future of roller derby in New York City and around the world.

To bid, visit

GGRD Statement On Sexual Harassment & Assault

Gotham Girls Roller Derby strives to create an environment where our skaters, officials and volunteers can thrive on and off the track. We aim to foster a community where everyone in our league can bring their full selves to the sport and feel safe, heard and empowered.

In recent months, the #MeToo movement has highlighted the stories of survivors of sexual harassment and assault. The movement has inspired a national dialogue, conversations and precipitated action from Hollywood, the media, politics, and across other industries. Roller derby is far from immune from this abuse, and we recognize how vital it is to uplift the voices of survivors in our own community.

To create change within our own spaces, we know we must proactively create policies where folks can report incidents and trust that they will be believed and that appropriate action will be taken. As such, we are reviewing and updating our own reporting policies to ensure that there is no tolerance for abusive behavior and that there is a clear path for those who come forward.

Gotham is not just a community of people who love roller derby. We are also a community of survivors and allies ourselves. We stand with folks across the sport who are survivors of sexual abuse both inside and outside of derby. Today, we affirm our commitment to cultivating an environment that meets the needs of everyone in our league, and resonates not just in our own athletic community but the community at large.

2016 Season Schedule - Save the Dates!

Save the dates for our 2016 season! 

Game 1:  March 19  @ John Jay College
Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Manhattan Mayhem

Game 2:  April 9 @ John Jay College
Bronx Gridlock vs. Queens of Pain

Game 3:  May 7 @ John Jay College
Bronx Gridlock vs. Brooklyn Bombshells

Game 4:  June 11 @ John Jay College
Queens of Pain vs. Manhattan Mayhem

Game 5 & 6 (Doubleheader):  July 16 @ Abe Stark Arena, Coney Island
Manhattan Mayhem vs. Bronx Gridlock & Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Queens of Pain

Game 7:  August 6th @ John Jay College
3rd & 4th place game

Game 8: August 27th @ John Jay College
GGRD NYC Championship

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